EDGE is a premier, professionally managed Executive Search firm established in 1990. We specialise in the search and recruitment of top-notch professionals at middle and senior management levels across a broad range of industries. With offices in Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai and a dedicated team of qualified consultants, we help blue-chip world leaders to fill positions across India and at several international locations.

Data is easy to source. It’s information that takes expertise.

Talent Solutions

Our understanding of the talent market and our experience has enabled us to evolve an efficient methodology that cuts through the "noise" to focus on specifics - relevant information that leads to optimal choices. The key enablers are a comprehensive presence across all talent sources and the specific proprietary technology tools that we have created in-house, to ensure intuitive search.

Our approach is simple - we first understand you and then understand your needs. Next, we evolve a customised plan and implement it efficiently using our proprietary tools, to give you focused choices in the shortest possible time. Each assignment is planned in a comprehensive manner and managed by professionals, usually a qualified management graduate with extensive experience in the profession, assisted by efficient, experienced staff.

Focus Areas

We work across the hiring spectrum for a variety of assignments, from niche searches to mid-management hiring, to long-term RPO sourcing. Which means you could come to us if

  • You’d like to hire the best for your leadership, or
  • You’d like to ensure optimal mid-management hiring within a defined time period, or
  • You want us to manage continuous hiring for ongoing requirements.

Our Expertise

In 25 years, we have worked with the best in the world and in a wide variety of industries, for positions based across the world. In this process, we have a long list of Firsts - the first Indian recruitment company to use e-mail connectivity, the first such company to create its own homepage on the internet in 1997 and perhaps the first to use the Internet for advertised recruiting. We continue to use technology effectively even today, to ensure focus and eliminate waste in the hiring process.

Get In Touch

Finding one person where there are over a billion seems simple, unless she’s one in a million. That is what talent search is today -the paradox of plenty. You’ll agree there’s no sense in heading for the haystack every time you’re looking for a needle. So, next time - get in touch.