About Us

EDGE is a premier, professionally managed Executive Search firm established in 1990. We specialise in the search and recruitment of top-notch professionals at Senior and Middle  management levels across a broad range of industries. With a dedicated team of qualified consultants operating across Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai, we help blue-chip world leaders to fill positions across India and at several international locations.

The EDGE Four Pillar Approach

What sets EDGE apart is our Four Pillar approach which translates to winning outcomes for our clients.

We call them our Good “I”s


We take


Instinct by


New ways above
beaten paths


Ethics beyond

Our Focus Areas

Expertise based on Experience

A broad range of industries


A wide variety of roles

Our exciting journey, in decades.

The 90’s
Set up as a professional-driven recruitment company providing value-added careers to professionals, an idea that resonated immediately. Pioneered concepts like databank advertising and computerised, searchable resume databases. Created the country’s first recruiter website on the internet. Developed client relationships across automobile, FMCG and Manufacturing. Incubated Telecom hiring when the industry emerged and built the best hiring engine as the technology took wing, including hiring the first ever tech team to be based in India solely for global assignments.
The ’noughties (00’s)
International assignments and a multi-location spread. Selected to hire for the UK operations of an MBB client, EDGE helped to build a global team of business-technology consultants over 4 years. Staffed a global audit team based in Luxembourg for a major MNC group. Built an on-site technology product development team in Europe, among others. Back home we set up offices in Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore to get closer to the hubs and built relationships with the technology majors
The 2010’s
Moved to embedded relationships across manufacturing, telecom and IT. Key hiring for the world’s largest telecom manufacturing plant and set up the first nation-wide Managed Services team in telecom from scratch as a new concept. Moved from turnkey hiring to the RPO mode, starting with an embedded presence to hire a full offshore global execution team, later upgraded to an expertise centre - precursor to the GCC concept  and grow it across a 5-year period. Additional RPO’s across technology centres and media companies.
The 2020s
The pandemic spurred a flurry of innovation at EDGE. We’ve created an efficient work-from-anywhere software engine and used the resulting efficiencies to upgrade to more complex solutions. Key multi-year RPO assignments include onsite/offsite partnering for a global major moving in their global operations and setting up a GCC for high-end product software in India which is now successfully established and moving into new competencies and niche skills. Also happening are initiatives in manufacturing hiring including innovative start-ups in ESG and competency driven shared services.

Our Founder CEO

EDGE was founded by Dony Kuriakose a qualified Chartered Accountant, in the early ‘90s. Building on his passion for people, he set out to create a professional platform for professionals in their quest for career success. Using technology and his ability to network, he built relationships with the most aspirational organisations in the country and abroad. As a result, EDGE stood out from the  largely disorganised sector at that time and has continued to be the pioneer with continuous technology and process innovations and transformations across the years. He continues to lead the firm today, building on the core values of Knowledge, Empathy and Ethics.


The EDGE team today consists of well trained professionals located across the country with the latest technology, years of experience and an ability to connect the aspirations of the individual with the complexities of the role, across a wide range of organisations. 

Outside of his work, Dony is an avid baker, amateur photographer, and terrible golfer. He also loves animals, reads voraciously and writes whenever time permits.