Hiring Solutions

Our suite of hiring solutions consists of the following three structured categories, each of which has a clearly defined process which is customized to accommodate individual client situations and their specific needs:

Contingency Partnering

Working in relationship mode, with success based fees:

EDGE works as a key consultant with a set of valued clients. You give us first preference for critical roles and we ensure turnaround within a defined time period. Over time we create a COE that maps core skills and best-fit attributes for your company and pre-identify existing skill-pools in advance.

Our focus is on two long-term objectives,
Just-in-time sourcing for quick turnaround and what we call 5-3-1 hiring : Present 5, Evaluate 3, Hire 1.  It’s the magic of working together. Billing is based on on-boarding, with a defined replacement guarantee.

Engaged Search

Committed Search for senior management roles :

When it’s for CXO’s and their direct reports, we focus on maximizing your success by helping to hire the best within an optimal time period. Starting with an Engagement Fee, EDGE does an industry level search including multiple sources and our own database, with evaluation and discreet pre- referencing before we present prospects. Our work begins with helping you define the right profile based on your needs and ends with the right person in the saddle. Again, the full fee is applicable only if there is full success.


Our comprehensive Onsite+ hiring solution:

We own your problem. EDGE deploys a  SPOC and Spoke model – a client facing SPOC who is on-site to connect  directly with managers and define needs; while fulfilment is done by fungible consultant teams at the spokes. With an initial objective to consolidate & streamline your hiring process and long-term goal of creating talent pipelines, our data driven approach ensures Focus, Forecast and Feedback, enabling you to target better, plan quicker and improve constantly. Costs include a nominal base fee for on-site support with success- based billing for closures

In addition, over the years EDGE has also provided a plethora of need-based services to our clients, ranging from Onboarding induction to ATS management to multi-country process support. Of course, all these are only as an addition to hiring, which is our core competence.

So, What’s Different?

Contingency Partnering

At EDGE, Contingency hiring is success based hiring with a twist – It’s the client and the candidate who must succeedin the long run. Our engagements are relationship based and not transaction based. As your preferred recruiter, we’re always on the job for you – even if you have no position open with us. We understand our clients and their needs so well that we are continuously earmarking suitable profiles for them – for quick conversions when positions do come up. That is what you get with EDGE, an Always-On partner that delivers Just-In-Time results!

Engaged Search

Most hiring is done with the objective of optimizing, i.e. the candidate must be above a defined bar. For key roles at a senior level however, companies seek to maximize and need to hire the best or as close to it as the constraints allow. This involves a thorough scan and multiple iterations at all levels. Dedicated searches for such roles are therefore exclusive and immersive. For a resource commitment like this we request an engagement fee at the outset to cover base costs, the rest is on full success. So, for 10% of the final fee, you get 100% of the commitment!


When you need an end-to-end solution and are willing to share ownership in return for ongoing on-site engagement, live data and a guarantee of success. The EDGE RPO steps up and takes full responsibility from requirement generation to candidate on-boarding. A SPOC connects at the point of origination of the position and understands every nuance of the role. This is transmitted to the spokes – our sourcing arms that work in tandem to ensure targeted sourcing, coordination and candidate management, with a continuous feedback loop for process improvement. Our in-house software tracks every step of the process, providing live data at each stage to ensure reporting, analytics and information based decision-making. Every one of our RPOs till date has met time and cost targets every year.