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 “Cogito ergo sum”

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Referral Roulette

Employee referrals are a prized source for Talent Acquisition, and why not? Done right, it means more suitable candidates, a reward for the referring employee and also a cost saving for the company. Yet, many companies confess to disappointing results despite investing much energy and time. What are the issues and how to get it right?


WFH, WFO or WFA. One feeling that seems to have survived everything is those dreaded Monday morning blues. It’s that miraculous hour when even teetotallers get a magic hangover! A tongue-in-cheek take on how to (re) start your week…

Career Moves: Going Sideways

“Up or out” is a familiar policy and in most high-pressure environments a daunting performance bar. But are companies missing something, and is there a broader way to ensure career progress? Well, the HBR has a take on it…

The ‘Genius Trap’

If you’re a podcast fan and like to understand human behaviour, then the Hidden Brain podcast is an absolute Must! Shankar Vedantam, the originator and narrator picks his topics carefully, researches them thoroughly and presents them as an interview with a respected figure in that field. Totally engrossing…